Hi, my name’s Kyle. I’m an aspiring UX Designer/Researcher who dabbles in web design and enjoys writing. I'm currently a third-year student at the University of Toronto studying Psychology with a minor in Applied Statistics. I'm really passionate about making the world a better and more accessible place through beautiful, well-informed design. My background in Psychology serves as the basis for many of my design decisions and how I understand data. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Medium and Behance. Check out my resume here and my work below.

User Experience

UX analysis on the scarcity principle and how it relates to the purchasing experience for limited release sneakers.

UX case study on the commenting/direct messaging feature on Instagram and pain points felt by users. Solutions were constructed using data collected via surveys.

Web Development

Web App developed for Intro to Web Development course at UofT. Used MySQL, PHP and jQuery to design an app that allowed students to search for their course and add their final exam time to a table.
Movie review site designed for Intro to Web Development course at UofT. Used HTML, CSS and PHP to make a dynamic site using files on an Apache server.

Random quote app that allows users to request a random quote and then tweet it.